About Brentwood Football Club

Our Mission

Brentwood Football Club is passionately dedicated to the core spirit of soccer through our ‘Back to Basics’ philosophy. We stand firm in our pledge to create an environment that underscores essential soccer techniques, while also encouraging the development of robust character among our players, on the pitch and in all aspects of their lives.

Brentwood FC Coaches:

Anatoly Buznik

  • Sporting Director
  • PhD in Physical Education and Sports
  • UEFA PRO License
  • Ukranian National Junior Team Manager from 2004-2009
  • Manager / Sporting Director for multiple Professional Club teams across Ukraine throughout the 1990s & 2000s

Carmelo Mojica

  • USSF C License
  • CPR & First Aid Certified
  • Head Coach for Boys 2013 Team

Andrew Khomytskyi

  • Strength and conditioning coach
  • ISSA Certified 2023

Our Values

  1. Advancement of Player Skills: At Brentwood Football Club, we are dedicated to enhancing each player’s unique capabilities. We believe that soccer is not just a sport, but a platform for continuous growth and development. Our coaches work to improve every aspect of a player’s game – from dribbling and passing to strategizing and decision making. We focus on the holistic development of our players, giving them the tools to improve their game while also fostering a lifelong love of soccer.
  2. Constructive Coaching: Our coaching philosophy is centered around positive reinforcement and encouraging feedback. Our skilled coaches provide each player with individual attention, offering targeted advice to help them refine their skills and understanding of the game. We believe that a constructive coaching environment not only improves performance on the field but also fosters self-esteem and a positive mindset off the field.
  3. Discipline: Discipline is a cornerstone of our club’s values, vital for both personal and team success. Our players are taught the importance of punctuality, attentiveness, following instructions, and respecting rules. Through instilling discipline, we aim to cultivate a sense of personal responsibility, resilience, and dedication in our players, which benefits them in soccer and life.
  4. Leadership: We believe that every player has the potential to be a leader. We foster leadership skills by encouraging players to take initiative, make decisions, and inspire their teammates. Leadership at Brentwood Football Club goes beyond the field; it is about shaping individuals who can confidently lead in various aspects of their lives, contributing positively to their communities.
  5. Sportsmanship: Fair play and respect for all are paramount at Brentwood Football Club. We strive to instill a strong sense of sportsmanship in our players, teaching them to treat teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials with respect, regardless of the outcome of the game. We believe that good sportsmanship fosters a positive playing environment and builds character, making our players not only better athletes but also gracious individuals.

Our History

Brentwood Football Club (Brentwood FC or BFC)was born from a dream and realized with a purpose in the year 2023.

A passionate group of individuals dedicated to our ‘Back to Basics’ philosophy, recognized the need for an organization that could fulfill the youth soccer needs in our community.

With a clear vision and a strong commitment to making a difference, Brentwood Football Club was legally established as a 501(c)(3) organization and began its journey of service.

As we embark on our inaugural season, we are filled with an overwhelming sense of anticipation and excitement. We are driven by the opportunities that lie ahead and the potential to influence change in our community.

We are deeply committed to our mission and look forward to growing and evolving in the years to come. We understand that the road ahead may be challenging, but we are ready to face these challenges head-on with resilience and determination.

Our journey has just begun, and we are eager to write the next chapters of our history. We hope you’ll join us in our mission and be a part of our story.