Empower Future Champions: Corporate Sponsorships at Brentwood FC

At Brentwood Football Club, we are on a mission to mold young soccer enthusiasts into tomorrow’s champions. The pathway to achieving excellence is laden with commitment, sportsmanship, and continuous development, values that are mirrored in our community and stakeholders. Our ethos resonates with every dribble on the field and cheer from the stands. Every goal scored is a testament to the tireless dedication of our players, and the unwavering support from our community. Corporate sponsorships are a cornerstone that empowers us to provide a nurturing environment for our budding athletes, enhancing not just their physical training, but also instilling a sense of responsibility and community engagement.


We present an array of sponsorship packages tailored to create a symbiotic alliance between your brand and our club’s enduring legacy. This collaboration aims not only at achieving sporting excellence but also at creating a ripple effect of positive change in the society we live in. It’s an endeavor that projects beyond mere financial support; it’s about fostering a culture of mutual growth, community support, and the shared joy of seeing our young athletes flourish.


Embrace this opportunity to be part of a journey that transcends beyond the soccer field into making lasting societal contributions. By aligning with Brentwood FC, you’re not just supporting a club, but championing a cause that reverberates with hope, empowerment, and the indomitable spirit of sporting excellence. Through your support, we aim to craft a narrative of success that is as much about soccer as it is about nurturing a promising future for our youth and community.

Platinum Sponsorship Package

Donation: $10,000 annually

Timeframe: Renewable Annually


  • Exclusive sponsorship of a major team event or the prestigious end-of-season awards ceremony, casting a spotlight on your brand.
  • Invitations to exclusive team events or dinners, fostering a realm of networking opportunities.
  • On-site promotion during games, a canvas to exhibit your brand’s essence.
  • Your logo and link taking the prime spot on our website and initial social media posts, resonating with our wide-reaching audience.
  • Regular sponsor updates via email, keeping the synergy alive.
  • Engage in content collaboration ventures such as feature blog posts or interviews, amplifying your brand narrative.
  • Team-branded merchandise showcasing your logo, a symbol of our harmonious alliance.

Fund Allocation:
Elevate our game by renting a high-quality field for the season and onboarding professional coaching staff.

Gold Sponsorship Package

Donation: $5,000 annually

Timeframe: Renewable Annually


  • Sponsor a specific skill-building clinic or workshop, a testament to your brand’s commitment towards nurturing talent.
  • Your logo and link elegantly displayed on our team’s website sponsorship page.
  • Periodic recognition in our initial social media posts, a digital applause for your support.
  • Stay informed with regular sponsor updates via email.
  • Explore content collaboration opportunities, a stage to share your brand’s narrative.
  • Volunteer opportunities at team events, immerse in the community spirit.

Fund Allocation:
Channel funds towards skill-building clinics, workshops, and essential training equipment, investing in our players’ prowess.

Silver Sponsorship Package

Donation: $2,500 annually

Timeframe: Renewable Annually


  • Sponsorship of refreshments or player snacks for the season, fueling the vigor on the field.
  • Your logo and link nestled on our team’s website sponsorship page, a digital handshake.
  • Earn acknowledgment in team communications, a nod to your invaluable support.
  • Regular sponsor updates via email, a continuous dialogue.
  • Volunteer opportunities at team events, experience the Brentwood FC family spirit.

Fund Allocation:
Refreshments, player snacks, and minor equipment, catering to the daily essentials.

Bronze Sponsorship Package

Donation: $1,000 annually

Timeframe: Renewable Annually


  • Enjoy name recognition in team communications, a shout-out to your support.
  • Your logo and link comfortably housed on our team’s website sponsorship page.
  • Regular sponsor updates via email, nurturing the partnership.

Fund Allocation:
Addressing administrative costs including website maintenance and communication tools, ensuring a smooth sail.